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score points since the first meeting !

Little Gift is a FREE mobile app with an original concept: to exchange a little gift on the first date 🎁 and several features facilitating exchange and mutual knowledge. Did you get to know each other and want to take the next step? make an appointment and don't forget to prepare a symbolic little gift to offer at the time of the meeting. Stand out with a fun and memorable gift. No need to break your bank account. Just use your imagination.


Why Little Gift ?

It's free

Little Gift is free to use

Chat and meet

match, get to know each other, set the time and place for your meeting thanks to a guided interface and have fun! 🥂 🎉

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Mobile application simple to use

Gift each other

to spice up your first date 🌶 or just for fun 😀

discover little gift


Discover Little Gift

Because you are eager to discover an authentic Dating App, we, at Enigmapps, have decided to introduce you the Little Gift - Dating App 💖

You are now on your way to discover a whole new dating experience.

First, register, enrich your profile and discover profiles around you. You are now ready to Like, Match, Schedule, Date, and Gift 🎉


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7,99 €/month

6 months

4,99 €/month

12 months

3,99 €/month
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